March 18th, 2022

TJ Kastning

Do you trust your subordinates to replace you?

Why? Why not?

We hear many hiring authorities complain about the employees that THEY HIRED and THEY MANAGE. Some realize their complaints are in part a reflection of their own leadership ability and rise to the challenge, others flounder, wondering why people don’t perform as expected.

Our most capable, stable, and competitive clients value elevating leaders over securing their own positions. They care more about their employee’s success than their own short-term goals.

When it comes time for a company to become multi-generational, within a family or not, the second generation’s success is directly tied to the leadership investment made by the first generation. Learning how to influence an organization through multiple layers of management, in preparation for leadership changes, requires a wholehearted dedication to humble example setting.

Set enough of a followable example and people will walk through fire to get the job done correctly and your company will persist.

Where do you need to invest more?