Construction recruiting boutique for (mostly) West Coast SMEs


15 construction clients worked with us 
to match with 49 managers in the last year.

Our Search Model is compatible if you want:

Off-market candidates
Shared accountability
Deeper relationships
Fractional recruiting team

TJ might not say 100% [placement rate], but I would.

Erik Noland, Director of Operations,
Peak Projects, Bay Area
7 people hired

Outstanding recruiting philosophy—fits our company growth.

Jo Anne Estes, Owner, Estes Builders,
Western Washington
2 people hired

Thorough process. What we need in candidates.

Mike Aalgaard, Director of Operations,
Louis Ptak Construction, Bay Area
7 people hired


*Most of our searches complete in this timeframe
Our fee: 30% of first-year salary + bonus
First, select the position & salary band:
Select position
Select salary

Exploratory Conversation

A 60-minute call between you and TJ and/or lead recruiter. Upon alignment, we’ll invite you to sign our Master Service Agreement, then we’ll invoice you to commence the search.

Your first payment:
(1/3 of total fee)

Company & Position

Two conversations to learn who the candidate will report to, their role, and how they will contribute to your company’s strategy.

No payment.

Research & Recruiting

After we tighten the Candidate Success Profile and create the promotional assets, we’ll start the search and keep you updated weekly.

No payment.

Candidate Introduction
& Representation

After we’ve engaged a candidate, we’ll update you, introduce them, handle logistics, and join the first Zoom interview. We lead the representation process for alignment.

No payment.

Hiring & Onboarding

Once you identify the match, we will support your negotiation, hand-off onboarding, and check in with you and the new hire at 30, 60, and 100 days to assess fit and onboarding.

Final payment:
(2/3 of total fee)
Our fee:
Book Exploratory Call
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Select & See process.
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How we’ve grown

Our sweet spot? If you are between 25 – 200 employees

Committed Search


We search for currently employed managerial talent. Sensitive to the timing and rapport needed to keep the process moving.


We check in on matches after 30 days, 60 days, 100 days, and a year.

Rarely are we ambassadors just once.
Most clients work with us more than five times.

TJ’s advice on the challenges and market changes relevant to SME construction companies searching for talent on the West Coast.

Frequency: every month or two (see archive).