Ambassador Search Group is a boutique recruiting agency driven by two passions which give us joy;


Finding important employees for amazing west-coast construction companies.



Introducing stellar construction management professionals to life-changing opportunities.


We can increase your revenue by finding the right people for your teams.

Make us your ally.


You are looking for a better boss, cohesive team, company stability, reasonable commute, competitive compensation, career growth, responsibility, acquire mentors, or relocation.

Above all, an excellent company you’re proud to work for. That’s exactly what we will help you find.

We will match you with an organization doing great things—so you’re accomplishing what you want to accomplish. You will work with good people.

Your Advantage

  • Confidentiality - Do not risk your career by publically advertising your availability

  • Access to top-tier jobs not posted publicly

  • Personalized representation directly to key decision-makers

  • Our industry insider perspective


To be the best, you need to hire the best.

Hiring the right people is time-consuming and challenging. That is why we conduct intensive pre-interview screens, assist you with the interview process, provide reference checks, and ensure you have all the information to make smart hiring decisions.

You won’t just find skilled workers. You will find excellent people.

Your Advantage

  • Access to otherwise inaccessible experienced candidates through a proven process

  • Confidential advice from experienced recruiters who see the broad market picture

  • Protection through anonymity

“The Ambassador Search Group team brought success to ours in many more ways than just finding the right person for the job. Their thorough process really defined what we needed in our candidates and our company to propel our growth. We will rely on them for all our future high-level hires!”
— Mike Aalgard, Louis Ptak Construction

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