*except opportunistic or lower priority searches.
Our fee is 30% of a new hire’s first-year salary + guaranteed bonus.
Your payments are split in two:

IF you join the majority of our clients who engage us for multiple matches, the value compounds as 
we increase alignment.
Scroll down for FAQs—or get on a call with us by selecting a time below:
Our fee: 30% of first-year salary + bonus
First, select the position & salary band:
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Exploratory Conversation

A 60-minute call between you and TJ and/or lead recruiter. Upon alignment, we’ll invite you to sign our Master Service Agreement, then we’ll invoice you to commence the search.

Your first payment:
(1/3 of total fee)

Company & Position

Two conversations to learn who the candidate will report to, their role, and how they will contribute to your company’s strategy.

No payment.

Research & Recruiting

After we tighten the Candidate Success Profile and create the promotional assets, we’ll start the search and keep you updated weekly.

No payment.

Candidate Introduction
& Representation

After we’ve engaged a candidate, we’ll update you, introduce them, handle logistics, and join the first Zoom interview. We lead the representation process for alignment.

No payment.

Hiring & Onboarding

Once you identify the match, we will support your negotiation, hand-off onboarding, and check in with you and the new hire at 30, 60, and 100 days to assess fit and onboarding.

Final payment:
(2/3 of total fee)
Our fee:
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The committed search process starts with Discovery Zoom calls: These involve meetings with all key hiring stakeholders, critical co-workers, and managers, for the purpose of educating Ambassador Group on your position in the market, and how to:

  • Persuasively and honestly represent you.
  • Agree on how best to cooperate and achieve results.
  • Review your company history and strategic plan to understand how recruiting supports the broader growth strategy.

We also want to perform a cultural discovery through interviewing key employees about their work experience, company culture and leadership standards. This could include a visit to your offices.

The Discovery conversations allow us to generate the Candidate Success Profile (CSP), which is shared with you to ensure alignment.

Using the CSP, Ambassador Group conducts extensive market research to build a list of potentially suitable passive candidates*.

* Ambassador Group requires an exclusivity promise: No other agencies will be engaged in the same searches.

An optimal committed search timeline should be 60 days, and rarely longer than 4 months.

The total fee for a committed search is 30% of the candidate’s annual salary plus non-discretionary bonus.

(An example of a non-discretionary bonus may be a signing bonus or a guaranteed bonus structure.)
An invoice for ⅓ of this fee is sent upon engagement and is due before Discovery commences.
An invoice for the remaining ⅔ is sent on the candidate’s start date—due 30 days later.
All payments are non-refundable.

Referral bonus: Any company referrals from the client resulting in a placement will be recognized by a $1225 invoice credit towards both clients’ next invoice.

The search is as good as the quality of the communication between Ambassador Group and yourself.

We ask for:

  • Clear parameters around the role we are searching for.
  • A solid understanding of your market position and growth strategy shared with us.
  • Timely responses to Ambassador Group’s communications.
  • Confident and accountable leadership: Quality interviewing, onboarding, training, and retention.
  • Adherence to timeframes.



Before any confidential information is shared either with yourself or with potential candidates, they must express an interest.

We pledge not to disclose any of your—or the candidate’s—confidential or personal affairs to an unauthorized outside party.

We can facilitate the signing of a non-disclosure agreement by the candidate prior to interviewing, should you require one.

Ambassador Group offers personality and emotional intelligence assessments that are used solely as relationship-building tools, not selection devices (which can be illegal). We also offer appropriate team training and interpretive help.

If you have a preferred assessment tool for assessing how your team will mesh, we can work with that.

Ambassador Group strives to keep the client informed of search progress with short videos highlighting potential candidates, questions, feedback, and search status.

When you are interested in a candidate, we introduce you via email and provide contact information, and can schedule the interviews for you. (You are welcome to coordinate these yourself, of course).

We recommend you offer a contextually appropriate interview strategy to assess the candidate’s behavior, skills, and knowledge.


  • Virtual meetings or phone conversations
  • One-to-one/panel/group interviews
  • Off-site meetings
  • Technical skills assessments
  • Personality assessments
  • Work sample exchanges
  • Job walks

Ambassador Group can sit in on virtual interviews (as silent observers) to further our understanding of how you represent the role, observe the interview strategy, compare the candidate’s representation with the recruiter’s perception, and provide helpful feedback to both parties.

We also provide post-interview debriefs and collaborations to ensure complete transparency and alignment throughout.

By keeping Ambassador Group informed and involved in your ongoing communications with candidates, we are able to identify any potential misalignment and let you know immediately.