March 8th, 2022

TJ Kastning

Let me tell you a story about your perfect interview. It’s a short and simple story. You make it look easy.

  • You have reviewed all the material you can find on the company and position
  • You arrive slightly before your interview feeling mentally sharp from your full night of rest
  • You greet the receptionist with warmth
  • You greet your interviewers with a wide smile and professional enthusiasm
  • You are relaxed and enjoying the opportunity to meet other industry professionals
  • You listen carefully to their questions, pause before responding, and provide concise, honest, and on-topic answers
  • You ask simple contextual questions and prepared questions and listen carefully to understand.
  • You conclude the interview with gratitude for the opportunity and share your attraction to the role, if appropriate.
  • You ask for their preferred next step and schedule the next meeting before leaving
  • You send a gracious thank you note (hand written for extra points) to all the interviewers

That is how you nail the interview.