Do NOT Lay Down In The Snow And DIE!!!!!!!! Now is the time for aggressive invention and reinvention.

We need to respond aggressively and wisely to the Covid-19 crisis.

One critical element is to keep the economy moving in every way reasonable so that the financial impact on businesses, and consequently the people that work in them, are impacted as little as possible. The cost to the world economy will be measured in the tens of trillions of dollars.

Italy is seeing significant economy trouble from their shutdown which is impacting people down to the level of their daily food.

BUSINESSES; keep your gears moving as much as possible. Working from home. Building relationships. Do business development. Develop new products. Double the amount of energy you are outputting to serve your market. Develop your marketing. Find new ways to be a value to your customers. Think about coaching your leaders. Consider replacing chronic underperformers with motivated players. This is not breaktime, it is go time!

PEOPLE; develop new skills, find creative ways to contribute at work by examining how problems can be innovatively solved, build your relationships, and DON’T BINGE NETFLIX. Unemployment is brutally high and those who can deliver solutions and performance under pressure are going to enjoy the most job security. And, frankly, the world is going to rely on you to pull us out of this.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so take advantage of that! Find new ways to solve the problem that you COULD NOT have in easier times.

It’s a chilly economic environment out there so we have to stay active. DO NOT LAY DOWN IN THE SNOW AND GO TO THE LIGHT! We are going to be solving this economic problem long after the Coronavirus has been annihilated. Some businesses are going to do really well because they are staying aggressive and leveraging the silver-lining this crisis offers. This too shall pass.

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