We do four things really well for you.


To start a search we invest significant time to understand your company, the position, and strategizing how to attract the highly-qualified candidate.


Once the foundation is laid we use our substantial proprietary database, connections, research, and recruiting tools to diplomatically represent your job to passive candidates. This is good, old-fashioned, headhunting.


The candidates you are presented come with a substantial package consisting of their resume, letters of recommendation, run references, and audio clips answering your critical questions. Through the vetting process we will attend all the interviews and collaboratively screen the candidate with you. This is how we can be confident in sharing the hiring risk with you with our replacement policy.


Recruiting, attracting, interviewing, on boarding, and retaining are challenging subjects which depend on the unique nuances of your culture and values. We will help you hone your process within your priorities so that you see enhancements across your company, not just the candidates we recruit for you.

Our service benefits candidates and clients alike because our focus is on connecting great people.

  • We have a total commitment to customer service and satisfaction. What does this mean? We can tailor our process to your unique needs and will work to screen the candidates until you are satisfied you are making the right decision.
  • Out of three candidates interviewed, one is hired. That means less of your time wasted screening and interviewing unqualified candidates. We are not resume finders, we are people connectors. We do the recruiting so you can do the hiring.
  • Our work is intensely relational. Because the best candidates are not browsing job boards, we go to them. We are specialists at approaching, attracting, and qualifying highly-qualified professionals for your job.
  • Because contacting professionals is our job, we have a large proprietary database of passive candidates
  • We offer a five year replacement policy because we want you to be successful with your investment. We are partners in your growth.
  • We simplify communication by offering one point of contact to manage your searches.
  • To reduce your workload, we will handle scheduling interviews. All you have to do is show up and ask good questions.
  • We can consult with you on best practices for job descriptions, hiring processes, onboarding, and retention, all tailored for your goals.
  • We aim for aligned interests between our candidates and you. The road to enduring success is paved with aligned interests.
  • We will run the candidate’s references for you, should you desire, and we will tailor the reference to your specifications.
  • Background checks at the offer stage are NO PROBLEM!
  • Our process scales easily to work with large firms and many stakeholders down to small companies with single decision makers.
  • We are tenacious. Some searches are uniquely challenging. We have a history of digging in until we make it happen.
  • You can ask our clients! Just ask us for references.
  • Read about the experiences our service creates for our current clients and candidates.

We are confident in our attitude and ability to serve you. Contact us today for a simple introductory conversation!