We do four things really well for you .


To start a search we invest significant time to understand your company, the position, and strategizing how to attract the highly-qualified candidate.


Once the foundation is laid we use our substantial proprietary database, connections, research, and recruiting tools to diplomatically represent your job to passive candidates. This is good, old-fashioned, headhunting.


The candidates you are presented come with a substantial package consisting of their resume, letters of recommendation, run references, and audio clips answering your critical questions. Through the vetting process, we will attend all the interviews and collaboratively screen the candidate with you. This is how we can be confident in sharing the hiring risk with you with our replacement policy.


Recruiting, attracting, interviewing, onboarding, and retaining are challenging subjects that depend on the unique nuances of your culture and values. We will help you hone your process within your priorities so that you see enhancements across your company, not just the candidates we recruit for you.

Our service benefits candidates and clients alike because our focus is on connecting great people.

As you consider your options for a recruiting partnership, here are some criteria you may find useful to discuss with each firm.

Others We Offer
Business Relationship Model Contingency search(no financial investment); recruiter committed as long as the search is easy. Committed search (upfront financial investment); persistent commitment to work the search as long as necessary or collaborate on changes to make the hire more likely.
Industry Specialization Maybe Specialized and passionate about recruiting the best construction professionals on the west coast
Relationship Building Go right to the search Get to know the company, the culture, and the team; build trust.
Context and information gathering about the role Minimal job information gathering Deep exploration and consultation on the position and recruiting strategy for as long as it takes.
Position and attraction strategy consulting Maybe Free best practices consultation provided
Technology Infrastructure Maybe Cutting edge database (78,000 candidates), information gathering methods, recruiting tools, research methods; all of which we will transparently show you. We have an emphasis on personal contact information (instead of company contact info) whenever possible.
Recruiting Technique Spam the job everywhere, providing little information Each recruiting outreach effort is individually tailored with complete position and company information for transparency with the candidate to catalyze their career, which builds trust.
Submittal Information A resume which may or may not reflect the required experience Detailed candidate outlines of motivations and expectations including resume and often references, project list, and letters of recommendation. We aim to find and highlight alignment between your needs and their ambitions.
Interviewing No interview participation Interview scheduling, prep, interview sit-in and participation, and debriefing
Personality Assessments Maybe ProfileXT provided on request with coaching on their effective use. These can be implemented on a per-candidate basis but it is recommended to be applied company-wide for the best long-term effect.
Candidates References Contacted Maybe References ran by us with software that transparently shows you the feedback through audio and transcription sent to your email. You have full access to their references as well.
Background Checks Maybe 30 year local, state, federal, and driving background check available on request.
Hire/No Hire Decision Making Pressure to hire the candidate No pressure – And we will alert you to any problems we see because we aim for the long-term relationship.
Offer Negotiation Maybe Clear offer negotiation guidance; usually, offers are straightforward.
Replacement Policy Maybe Five-year replacement policy and strong employee retention history
Onboarding Maybe Onboarding support and structure consultation
Organizational Improvement Maybe People strategy and leadership consulting on client identified challenges.
Candidate Career Success Investment No ongoing relationship with the candidate Ongoing career coaching available for free to candidates.
Client Loyalty Creates extra revenue placing the same candidate multiple times We have never placed a candidate twice.
Robust Client References Maybe You can talk to our other clients, just ask.
Business Acquisition Opportunities Maybe For clients interested in business acquisitions we can bring those opportunities to you through our network.