To manage people is to study people. Management is intensely anthropological.

We provide assessments for clients who are ready to invest the time, and sometimes that investment is considerable compared to wham-bam fast hiring processes. But isn’t that the point? Don’t we want to understand the people we hire at a deep level so we can be most effective with them.

Deciding to hire is one thing – deciding how to manage is completely another!

If hiring is the single most critical thing a leader/owner/manager does, then doesn’t it make sense to invest significant effort into it? Wouldn’t you want to invest huge effort into seeing the best candidates, developing sophisticated interviewing skills, interviewing them most perceptively, building respect and rapport with them, setting expectations, and building buy-in around the problem they will need to solve? That all takes time.

However, the breath of fresh air good news is that candidates greatly appreciate when this much attention, care, and energy is put into the process. They recognize, respect, and resonate with serious consideration because they are going through the same process.

The candidates who are just in it for the money are soooo much easier to weed out when you really get to know them.

So does it really make sense to shortchange hiring because the email pile is too large?

A lot of this resolves down to what a leader thinks their job is. Are people the point of hiring or is the product the point of hiring?

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