June 8th, 2021

TJ Kastning

Interviewing is a heavy responsibility. An interviewer holds the future of their company and someone’s career. Will it be a good fit? Will everyone be disappointed? Will expectations be aligned properly? Frankly, good interviewing is a friendly version of an interrogation – Just watch these recorded police interrogations of suspected criminals. The purpose is to get to the bottom of a matter; whether candidacy or crime. These attributes will go a long way for an interviewer interested in everyone’s success.

  • Warm, friendly, hospitable.
  • Facilitates the interview without dominating it. Conversation flows easily.
  • Comfortable letting the other talk more
  • Keen listener which is demonstrated by asking keen follow-up questions.
  • They understand how important the ‘why’ is to everything. Why people do things is more important than what they do.
  • Makes zero assumptions; instead validates developing opinions with more perceptive questions; skilled in cross-examination.
  • Comfortable asking difficult and challenging questions in an even curious tone to not put the other on defense.
  • Able to flank resistance or shallow answers by approaching a subject from a new direction
  • Willing to politely ask uncomfortable questions to assess the other under pressure
  • Builds trust, respect, and rapport using sincerity, high standards, and transparency
  • Helps the other share what makes them great and comfortable to share struggles
  • Frank about their own relevant challenges and problems
  • Interested in the career ambitions of the other

This kind of interviewer learns everything they want and everyone who interviews with them at the very least respects them and probably wants to work for them. They take no half-answers and give no half-questions.