Traits of Successful Candidates

  • Strong focus on beautiful execution of their craft

  • Friendly and team-minded

  • Demonstrate the dichotomy of professional aptitude and humility

Placed Employee Testimonials

Lauren is a kind, responsive, and thorough recruiter.
I have worked with a number of ‘recruiters’ in the past, and have always been left frustrated and disappointed. My experience with Lauren, and Ambassador Search Group, was the polar opposite. She made it clear that she cared about my career aspirations and was very transparent about the opportunity in discussion. Each time I reached out with a question or concern, she picked up the phone and my questions were answered. All of the promises she made during the recruitment process were upheld.
Lauren was a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend both her and her organization.
— Jake Hall, Sales Engineer
I received a cold call from Phil Siemens a Recruiter at Ambassador Group. At first, I was very guarded. I just refreshed my LinkedIn profile. I found it curious to receive a call the next day. On top of the timing I thought the opportunity was too good to be true because it sounded like a perfect fit! I did some calling around, a bit of research, and confirmed everything. TJ and the Ambassador Search Group were the real deal and full service. At the introduction and interviews I felt very comfortable because I was properly represented. I balked at an early start date and they stepped up on my behalf. Working with Ambassador Search Group I found they were honest and straightforward. Ambassador Search Group and I were star crossed and I’ve been so happy landing a dream job!
— Chris Knight, IT Manager
Jonathan and his team were awesome. They helped to find the perfect fit for me in a relatively short period of time within a small niche in the industry. They were quick, precise, reliable and followed through with proposed leads. I would 100% recommend Jonathan and his team to any friends and colleagues looking for a new exciting career.
— Stephen Check, Project Manager
I had a great experience working with Jonathan. He is very thorough, diligent and sees things through to completion! Thank again for all your hard work!
— Frank Reyes, Project Manager
“Phil reached out to me in his capacity as recruiter at Ambassador Search Group. All of his interaction with me was very cordial and professional. His research to match me with a potential employer was well done. Phil conducted a detailed telephone interview with me and was an excellent intermediary between me and the potential employer. I highly recommend Phil and wish him all the best.”
— Kim Quon, Architect
Tyler and Ambassador Search Group are by far the most professional, thorough, and ethical recruiters/employment search firms I have encountered. The construction industry is plagued by mass email, cold call, wide net casting headhunters who operate under a quantity first mantra rather than a client first commitment.
From my first dealing with Tyler, he was sincere, provided plenty of information and asked me the right questions. His follow up was timely and continued to check in throughout the employer matching process. I felt taken care of, and most of all made to feel comfortable as the interviews Ambassador set up were arranged.
Ultimately, I found the ideal job match and owe it all to Tyler for making a strong first impression and really looking out for my interests from start to position acceptance.
— Patrick Lorian, Project Engineer
“I was impressed by Jonathan and his attention to detail. I can tell he truly cares about his clients.”
— Darren Crosby, Project Manager
Tyler is very dedicated and thoughtful. He was thorough in describing the opportunity and made me comfortable before the interview. He did his research and answered all my questions. I was proud to be part of his team!
— Neil Mackenzie, Senior Estimator
“I had a great experience working with Ambassador Search Group. When I was ready to leave my job, they were able to set me up with interviews at several relevant companies in my field of construction. TJ was very supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. I was able to choose from multiple job offers within a couple of weeks of starting my search!”
— Danielle Nunez, Assistant Project Manager
… Ambassador Search Group has a respectful way of really connecting with people, making it easy to work with him, even for a professional project manager who has been leery of recruiters. He found me a great company, and a different role — neither of which I would have found on my own. When we talked, he must have listened more to who I am than to facts about me, because the position he recommended was not the role I named and it did not offer the superficial benefits I sought. Instead of a construction project manager position with a shorter commute, he landed me an estimator position with the same commute distance, but with an amazing company culture, a great workgroup, a better salary, and a role in which I could truly excel (with the training the company was willing to provide).
— Mark Sowers, Project Manager
My Experience with the Ambassador Search Group, represented by TJ, was second to none. I was referred to them to be my recruiter for an executive position in the Bay Area. Their approach to me and to the potential firms was very professional. They helped me in no time to have couple of interviews and scheduled the time and venues. The most impressive work they did was contacting my references and all my references expressed their appreciation of how thorough the interviews were. Thanks a million, Ambassador Search Group.
— Ash Sadek, Manager of Engineering & Project Management
“I have enjoyed working with TJ Kastning very much.  He listened carefully to what I wanted and found the perfect opportunity for me. Changing companies is something I have done very seldom in my career, and the guidance and advice he provided was very helpful. I would give TJ Kastning my highest recommendation”
— Kevin Smith, General Superintendent
 “I strongly recommend TJ for anyone looking to find a new position. At every stage of the process, he was completely professional, maintaining complete discretion. He arranged introductory meetings and several callback interviews, and followed up promptly with a phone call after every one of them to see how the process was working for me. He even handled the compensation negotiation. The result of all this? I have the best job of my life with an amazing company at a higher salary with better benefits. TJ is a pro in every sense of the word.”
— Jon Boe, Senior Estimator
“I refer to most recruiting hits I receive as SPAM recruiting. That seems to be the approach and level of sophistication: blast out the postings to anyone with a related job title or job interest via LinkedIn messaging, email, etc. and see what pops up. In the last few years, out of the countless LinkedIn message and email hits from recruiters, 2 stood out. Both led to great conversations about solid opportunities. Neither felt like SPAM from the get-go so they stood out. TJ was the one out those 2 who really understood the need of the company hiring, the market sector the position he was filling is in and understood that for any placement to be successful, it has to be a great fit for both the employer and the job candidate. That’s a challenge in the best of circumstances and we have a shortage of talent in our industry. I recommend TJ’s services to anyone looking to fill management positions in the high-end residential sector. He’s a great matchmaker.”
— Jonathan Cherin, Senior Project Manager
“I want to extend my thanks to TJ Kastning who recently arranged my recent career change. When I was first contacted I was not looking to make a career change but felt that my current position could use some improvement.  Their understanding of the construction industry made conversation easy, which resulted in asking me if I might be interested in looking at some possible career prospects. TJ presented me with several options, were narrowed down to one which, it turned out, had a good chemistry match and goals aligned with my own. This process could have languished due to me being on an out of town project, and issues with the principles at the new firm, but TJ persevered and kept the connection moving. I am looking forward to starting with a company that cares, on a project that matched my requirements and abilities. Unlike many recruiters that are pests, if TJ Kastning is very professional and results orientated.”
— George Ellison, Superintendent
“TJ was a fantastic resource when I was looking for a new position after nearly a decade with my previous employer. After being out of the job hunting world for almost ten years, he was an incredibly helpful resource to discuss what to include on my resume, how to help make myself stand out from the competition, as well as thoughtful direction on which firms would be best aligned with my long term goals. I’m extremely excited about my new position and will be gladly referring TJ to anyone with construction recruiting needs.”
— Hugh Field, Project Executive
“TJ is a great resource for any HR head looking for truly talented, franchise quality people. In my dealings with TJ, I have found him to be very informed in the Bay Area market and he offers his expertise to others. If you are in the market, my suggestion is to start with TJ.”
— Doug Spooner, Project Manager
“TJ, Thank you very much for the hard work you have done with me in finding a position within the industry. There is something to be said for a having a good reputation and great relationships with a vast number of contacts in the area within the industry. I truly appreciate all of the connections you created for me. In addition to the connections you create, your professionalism is exceptional. I recognize the fact that the way you comport yourself in the manner that you do has given you the connections and reputation that you have. Thanks for everything.”
— Leslie Briggs, General Manager
“I contacted TJ looking to explore new options. What I received was an open-minded, caring individual willing to share his professional insight and knowledge with me. I learned how important career moves are, and how selfish we can be as individuals in our job searches. He helped guide my focus on where I want to be in life and drew attention to what kind of company would find me valuable. He even revamped my resume! Thanks, TJ! I highly recommend TJ for whatever your professional career needs may be. Sound advice from a great man.”
— Ben Kovach, Superintendent
“TJ Kastning truly goes above and beyond to present his clients favorably to leading firms in the construction industry. He recognizes talent and is very professional and knowledgeable about the unique hiring process in our industry.”
— Milton Rodas, Safety Manager
“TJ contacted me after viewing my profile. I was unsure at first but it quickly became apparent that he was well versed at the construction industry and had two job offers within weeks of our first contact. Very professional.”
— Matt Taylor, Project Manager
“I can’t say enough good things about TJ Kastning’s abilities as a search consultant. We’ve all read the perfectly succinct quotes about what differentiates a job from a meaningful, satisfying vocation. We’ve seen the Venn diagrams about finding the intersection between skill, enjoyment, and need, to find the “perfect” career match. That simplicity looks great on the page, but the complexity of reality is best managed by an objective professional. I had the pleasure of working with TJ throughout several months before moving to my current position with Cello & Maudru Construction. TJ has a truly exceptional talent to accurately assess the abilities, passion, and values of both companies and potential recruits to create win-win partnerships that can last. He invests the time necessary to get to know the needs of his clients, listening effectively and asking clear, concise questions until all parties reach an understanding. Once he had an accurate assessment of my character, he was able to leverage his extensive network of contacts to connect me with a company whose culture and values perfectly match my own. He clearly outlined the process early on, managed it expertly from beginning to end, and was an absolute joy to work with. If you’re thinking about hiring or you’re thinking about looking for new opportunities, you don’t need a Venn diagram: you need a professional. You need TJ. Don’t hesitate to call him to discuss your needs.”
— Catherine Osborne, Project Manager
“TJ was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter he was friendly, not pushy, and seemed to care about both me and the company he was hiring. He was quick to understand what I was looking for and that the position would be perfect for me. He was there to help me through the entire process and even followed up with me after being hired to make sure it was indeed a good fit for me, undoubtedly he has found me the perfect job. I would recommend TJ to anyone and everyone that is in need of a job.”
— Austin Voges, Estimator
“T.J. was very instrumental with presenting me to GSE Construction. He introduced me in a comprehensive and professional manner. Negotiations were complicated, but T.J. completed them with high-end skill level. I recommend T.J. and his team for any construction professional.”  
— Ken Almberg, Superintendent
“I contacted TJ on a Friday, by the following Monday he had an interview scheduled for me with an excellent company and by Wednesday we had an employment agreement signed for a position that starts Friday. Wow! What more can be said? Great job TJ and thanks!”
— Doug Arthur, Superintendent
“I had the pleasure of working with TJ at a time of professional transition. TJ was immediately dedicated to helping me. His advice, guidance, and insights were instrumental in my search. I hold him with the highest regard and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”
— Michael Scranton, Construction Manager
“TJ is very well respected in the recruiting and construction industry. He takes pride in matching his clients with skilled candidates. Do not hesitate to reach out to TJ for hiring or finding a great new opportunity.”
— Colin O’Connell, Project Manager
“TJ understands the needs and skill set of the design and construction industry, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a unique ability to connect the dots for general contractors, construction managers, and construction software companies. He gets the value proposition for these organizations and how to place talent and resources in key roles to scale in an effective way.”
— Tom Feliz, Business Development
“TJ will expand your horizons. He took me from not looking, to looking at an incredible opportunity within a few conversations. During these conversations, he dedicated equal amounts of time to evaluating my achievements and understanding my aspirations. He proved to be highly accessible, an effective communicator, and a great creator of momentum. If he contacts you, do yourself a favor and let him go to work on your behalf.”
— Billy Lee, Business Development
“I just had to take a moment, to recognize the awareness that TJ demonstrated over the past two to three months, in keeping his ears and eyes open for possible projects, and companies that would be the perfect fit, for me and my family situation. I was off work, enjoying my spring and summer, while TJ was presenting me a couple of options, every month or so. He finally came across the right job for me, and for the company, I went to work for. We are definitely helping each other out, on this project, and hopefully many more in the future. Much thanks for the dedication of TJ Kastning”
— Gary Killingsworth, Superintendent
“I highly recommend TJ as a recruiter. After a good deal of thought, I recognized that my position was not taking me in the direction I desired so I connected with TJ through LinkedIn. Once we were on the phone, I explained my goals along with some potential companies I was interested in. TJ asked hard but necessary questions in order to really understand what would make me happy. He maintained a core concept of finding me a position that offered long term success. Within 1 week I had an interview scheduled with a highly employee focused general contractor. 2 weeks later I had an amazing offer. I never could have seen things coming together so quickly and I have no doubt this was thanks to TJ’s consistent personal effort.”
— Sean Puterbaugh, Assistant Project Manager
“TJ is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. His attention to detail helped me finding the company that is just right for me. He walked me through every step of the way and effectively negotiated the offer for me. During the process, he repetitively gauged my level of interest in continuing the process, not just pushing for his own agenda. His recruiting philosophy entails finding the best candidate for the employer and the best fitting company for the prospect, and the result speaks for itself. I am very thankful for his service and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his service!”
— Timothy Lin, Senior Architect 
“TJ was very helpful and professional through the whole hiring process. He provided great insight and advice before and after each interview. I would recommend TJ to anyone who is looking for new career opportunities.”
— JJ Macarandan, Project Engineer
“You can trust that TJ’s looking out for everyone’s best interests in any deal; he’s a lucky, trustworthy, find for those who don’t have much recruiting experience.”
— Matt Spade, Project Manager
“TJ was integral in helping me secure my current position and worked diligently for me from the interview prep to following up with the organization and myself. He is extremely professional and knows his trade. I would recommend TJ to anyone.”
— Thomas Aldrich, Project Manager 
“I am pleased to recommend TJ as a construction recruiting specialist. I worked with TJ in my search for a new position and found him to be both knowledgeable and insightful. He asks great questions and listens carefully to the answers. TJ is creative in his approach, looking beyond the obvious to find solutions that work for both employer and employee.”
— Lisa Ledet, Project Engineer
“The ability to listen, ask the right questions, to establish reachable goals, to be realistic and to find an “excellent fit” between an employer and employment prospect is an art. TJ Kastning, in his gentle manner has reached this balance for me and I highly recommend him to both employers and employment candidates. It has been a joy to work with him.”
— Kazumi Komar, Lead Estimator
“I continue to be impressed with TJ’s work ethic and commitment to his clients’ success. I also appreciate his transparency and willingness to go the extra mile to gather information about projects, positions, and companies, so candidates can make better career decisions and be fully prepared for interviews.”
— Yoram Mehr, Project Engineer
“TJ is an excellent recruiter. He is persistent and great at conveying ideas and speaking on behalf of the company he is recruiting for. I have never come in contact with a better recruiter than TJ. At the end of the day TJ will do everything in his power to pair the right person with the appropriate company based on the beneficial outcome of the employee and the employer. He invests himself in making the best move for all parties.”
— Michael Storer, Project Manager
“TJ is great to work with and the most pro-active recruiter I’ve had in my corner over the years. He’s the only recruiter in my experience that had several leads on potential employers where the others focused only on single opportunities. Thanks, TJ!”
— Jeff Ingraca, Superintendent
“TJ’s attention to detail and making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire ‘recruitment’ process is unprecedented in my dealings with the many recruiters that are out there. TJ is very thorough and professional. Most recruiters simply find your resume and blindly send you into an interview. This is not the case with TJ! He took the time to get to know me and understand my career goals. Not only did he brief me on each company before interviewing, but he also followed up to “debrief” and discuss likes/dislikes after each interview. Every conversation ended with a plan for the next step. I highly recommend TJ.”
— Amy Guffey, Project Engineer
 “I was extremely impressed with the experience working with TJ and his team.  His level of effort in supporting my career needs and knowledge of the industry was astounding.  I am very happy with the level of service and eventually leading to a great offer. Thank you so much.”
— Mike Emmons, Senior Project Manager