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Recruiting is a phenomenal profession.

Why work for Ambassador Group?

Few professions can give you this much opportunity. Some benefits include personal growth, earnings, flexibility, long-term relationships, and meaningful impact on lives and companies.

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • A clear career path with leadership coaching
  • Access to industry-leading recruiting technology and tools
  • Industry-leading training & ongoing skills development through the Sanford Rose Network with never-ending team mentorship
  • Work with humble, high-quality people who collaboratively support one another
  • Remote work flexibility
  • Strong administrative and back-office support for recruiters
  • A well-guarded reputation for tenacious and trust-building recruiting
  • High-leadership clients who you can represent with pride
  • Accountable and engaged ownership and executive leadership
  • Cool mugs

What do we look for in a recruiter candidate’s background?

  • Pattern of sticking to ambitious, hard challenges until they are finished
  • Love for relational executive recruiting
  • Mindset: long-term, ownership-oriented, team-minded
  • Computer skills and drive to work remotely effectively

What is our culture like?

ASG employees should take this one, and you should ask follow-up questions in an interview.

“We are very people-focused with a strong emphasis on using our gifts and talents for the service of the candidate and client. There is open communication and a willingness to listen. Decision-making that will be for the benefit of not only the individual but also the team, is emphasized. There is an appreciation for each individual and constant work towards a cohesive, supportive work environment.” – Ashley Carlson

“I feel I have the freedom to express my skills. The team helps me to get innovative with new ideas in research. I love the way we plan on every Mondays and execute it too.” – Pratik Naik

“Our culture is a highly mentored environment dedicated to continuous improvement. One that is warm and friendly yet challenging and dedicated to professional growth in the pursuit to provide the very best search services to our clients and candidates.” – James Shellhammer

“As a recruiter in ASG you will be challenged to become the best version of you: This process never ends. Your attributes skills & experience you bring will be listened to and understood, and if useful be applied to help us grow. Everyone is encouraged to be an active participant in the shaping and growth of the company, you will have a seat at the table, in exchange, you will need to show the same vulnerability to be able to be shaped and grown yourself. Recruiting a candidate can be hard, we will both challenge you and support you to get to the heart of the candidate and be able to convey a depth of knowledge of that candidate and his/her motivations. You may participate in client interaction, emails, phone calls, zooms, and sometimes interviews to also gain a deep understanding of the client, what makes them tick and the desires they have to build their own culture and people.” – Gary Street