Recruiting is a career for people who want meaningful work with meaningful relationships and enjoy hard-earned rewards.

We are obsessed with providing great experiences to clients and candidates with enthusiastic discipline, sustainable work-ethic, and nuanced attention to the challenges around us. We are successful because we care about people and embrace the tempering friction of difficult tasks.

We are people connectors. Relationship brokers. Talent scouts. Opportunity merchants. It is profoundly meaningful and challenging work. We facilitate career growth for people (candidates) and catalyze growth in companies (clients). Done properly, the impact of recruiting on people’s lives is inestimable. Companies grow, people find meaning and joy, and long-term relationships are cultivated. We love our work.

Fundamental Requirements To Be A Recruiter With Ambassador Search Group

  • A deeply rooted desire to learn, grow, and energetically succeed. Unwillingness to fail. 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to recognize what one does not know and pursue knowledge
  • At least minimal knowledge and interest in sales
  • Adeptness with computer software and typing
  • Aptitude to delay gratification for better future gain
  • Humility

We Offer

  • An incredible learning, contribution, and professional development opportunity
  • A proven system of training (an intense five weeks, to start), accountability, and coaching to make you successful
  • Significant earnings potential – Experienced recruiters can earn $100,000 to $150,000 and have the opportunity to buy equity
  • The best technology and systems the industry has to offer
  • A consistent schedule 8 AM to 5 PM with occasional off hours calls with certain candidates
  • Fantastic team and working environment. We care for and look out for one-another. We are in this together.
  • All expenses paid incentive trips for high-performers

Why Choose Ambassador Search Group for Your Career

  • We have Leadership opportunity for anyone wishing to contribute at a higher level
  • Large library of books and resources available for professional development
  • Be a part of our future growth and make your mark. We want people who want to contribute at a higher level.
  • 100% employee recommendation score on Glassdoor – People love working here. People who have moved to new work consider themselves alumni of Ambassador Search Group.
  • Much lower turnover than is normal for the recruiting industry
  • Your entrepreneurial skills and interest thrive here. There are paths for developing your own clients, hiring and developing your own team, and becoming a partner in the firm.
  • Recruiting is intensely intellectually challenging and can develop you in ways which are incredibly helpful in other aspects of your life

A Day In The Life…

  • Monday morning we discuss our plan of attack for the week, develop a team goal, and review all the candidates in process
  • Daily you will record your metrics which are aggregated and displayed on the office TV so everyone is up to date on their progress
  • It is not unusual to make 60 to 200 phone calls in a day and have two to four hours talking to candidates or clients.
  • The newer you are the harder you have to work to learn and make useful connections
  • Sometimes, for particularly important calls, a more senior individual will join you on a call to support you or lead the call
  • When you connect with a candidate or client you will use your conversation and question skills to develop and understanding of how to best help them
  • You are using many systems, sometimes simultaneously; cloud storage, an applicant tracking system, calendar, scripts, autodialer, and a company chat program. Dexterity with computers is valuable.
  • Throughout the day you may be receiving feedback from your team lead or other recruiters who hear your calls. At first this can be intimidating but you will quickly get comfortable as you see they are helping you become successful.
  • Once a week you will have a one on one meeting with your team lead to collaborate and work through whatever problems the team has.
  • Quarterly you will have a review with your team lead to review your performance and anticipated growth as well as your feedback to them on their leadership and helpfulness. 

Why NOT Choose Ambassador Search Group

  • Recruiting is very challenging both mentally and emotionally. The highs are high and the lows are low. Mental toughness, a willingness to learn, and the wisdom to realize what one does not know are keys to unlocking a rewarding recruiting career. There are weeks and even months of continuous grinding work required to build relationships and skills. Only those with a strong-work ethic will survive the monotonous seasons and only those with a strong character will make the right decisions for their candidates and clients.
  • This is not a suitable job for a short-term mindset. It takes roughly a year to earn a fundamental understanding of recruiting and that is just to begin. Learning is a never-ending process. The complexity of recruiting is on par with the medical or legal profession, and so are the rewards for those committed enough. The bar for entry is quite low, but the bar for success is quite high.
  • The difficulty of recruiting is unique in that it requires an entire personal investment and consequently exposes personal weaknesses, many you may not be aware of. This humbling process, combined with discouraging results, can easily be more than one thought they were ready for. Everyone says they want to grow in the interview but reality turns out differently. Talk is cheap. We look for a track record of learning and humbly doing what is necessary to succeed. This work WILL test your character as it has everyone here.
  • One must be prepared to sacrifice the immediate success for the future success. Often recruiters are tempted, against their better judgement, to push candidates and opportunities together that are not truly a fit. This temptation is fueled by a desire to be successful, fill the job, and earn a commission. However, in the long-term it is foolishness and will cause many people pain; the candidate, client, ASG, and yourself. We call this temptation “smoking the hopium” and it is alluring but forbidden. The first year is the most challenging in this respect because it takes time to understand what a proper fit really is. At first it seems like anyone who can walk and chew gum is a fit but there are actually 50+ variables to determine a proper fit.



Develops new clients and finds great people to connect with those clients.

Business Developer

Develops business relationships for the Account Executive to follow up on.

“Associate yourself with only those people you can be proud of whether they work for you or you work for them.”

— Truet Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A