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Don’t Waste Money On Recruiting: Get The House In Order First

Ambassador Search Group serves our clients best by focusing on introducing the best people we can find to our clients and advising them on interviewing, assessing, hiring, and managing them. Note though, we are only in charge of the introduction process. We don’t make the hiring decision and we don’t manage employees. As Gallup astutely points out, performance is a management problem.


What should I say in my job description to attract people?

Companies are ultimately reflections of their owners. You should consider what it is about your core values which influence your culture which influences your operations which influences the daily workflow, which influences how people are treated, and consequently, how they feel about working there. People want to be proud of their work and company.


The (Unacceptable) Ghosts Of Recruiters Past

Yesterday I spoke with a senior construction executive with a reasonable and serious frustration about being contacted by recruiters, sending his resume and information, and never hearing from those recruiters again. Of course, we all know he is not alone. Recruiters are notorious for ghosting people and complaining when candidates or client’s do the same.


The Trial Hire – Should You Hire On A Trial Basis?

The beginning of any employment is inherently an evaluation period and some companies embrace this with a probationary time, trial period, or some such language. The intent being to communicate the extra scrutiny the employee will experience to establish trust, learn the company, and contribute acceptably. By making the period explicit it reinforces the need for the person to be on their best behavior which theoretically enhances retention.