Ambassador Search Group is a tight team led by TJ Kastning, who grew up here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. TJ was inspired to found this firm to provide an incredible recruiting career to others and offer outstanding recruiting services.

‘Connecting great people’ is core to who we are; for our clients and ourselves.

We believe firmly that excellent people are the key to productively attacking any problem. Improving the hiring of great people and retaining them is THE problem to attack head-on today for any serious business.

We are a team of listeners, scholers, philosophers, readers, and teachers.

The immense beauty of the pacific northwest inspires us to pursue our own form of business beauty. This perspective spurs us on and motivates us to find people who enthusiastically share our core values.

“A business is a reflection of its owner, like a painting is a mirror of its artist; for better or for worse. The company will demonstrate the owner’s strengths and equally exemplify their struggles as the painting visually demonstrates the master’s expertise or the neophyte’s inherent narrowmindedness.

This truth is harsh and refreshing once embraced because once we take responsibility for each dimension of our creations, we can each intentionally and effectively set about creating our masterpieces.”
— TJ Kastning, Principal