March 21st, 2022

TJ Kastning

A good hiring process is a rigorous and disciplined affair. Recording the interviewing team’s opinions of the candidate, derived from a consistent set of questions, is key to evaluating your interviewing prowess, or lack thereof. Immediately recording opinions, before debriefing and persuasion, is important. With objective ranking of candidates you can determine the quality of your interviewers.

  1. Create a Google Form (here is a sample) for collecting interview feedback which each interviewer completes before discussion. Edit the form to suit your criteria.
  2. Discuss the reasons why each interviewer subjectively ranked the candidate as they did. Use the form results to keep the discussion on track.
  3. Calculate the best possible ranking score (say 50, for example), divide by their score, and give the candidate a letter grade.
  4. If you hire the candidate, retrospectively compare their performance to the impressions developed in the interview and tweak your process accordingly. You may realize you need to ask more or better questions in a certain area.
  5. Retrospectively track who evaluates the candidate most accurately. These people are most adept at asking questions and being perceptive about motivation and character. Reinforce their participation in interviews and coach underperforming interviewers.