Speed Matters: 5 Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Quality and speed matter to good hiring. Go slow enough to know the candidate well but fast enough another competitor can’t seize the initiative.

  1. Minimize time elapsed between application, interview, 2nd interview, and offer. This is an easy improvement. Simply maintaining momentum advantages you over slower competitors.

  2. Enlist all the hiring authorities up front and schedule longer interviews instead of multiple interview sessions which can eat up days or weeks.

  3. Systematize your scheduling process. Hold interviews on a consistent day. Bring order to chaos. Minimize your intellectual investment into meaningless logistics.

  4. Build a scorecard for interviews. Knowledge, skills, and character should be evaluated. All interviewers submit their responses within an hour and anonymously, after which they discuss their answers. This provides an agenda and cohesive thought process. Stay out of the meaningless weeds. Below is a version we use at Ambassador Search Group for internal hires.

  5. Set the candidate’s expectations for a systematic, thoughtful, disciplined, and expeditious process. Your care for quality AND efficiency will impress the candidate. Gain their commitment to making their corresponding decision equally careful and efficient.

About the author

TJ Kastning is the principal of Ambassador Search Group, a boutique recruiting agency passionate about finding excellent professionals for amazing construction companies.

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Author: TJ Kastning

TJ Kastning is the proud owner of Ambassador Search Group, a special high-touch, trust-based, old-fashioned headhunting firm serving only the best west coast companies.

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