Do These Five Things Before Posting A Job

I know of a recruiter who placed a client’s brother at his firm. They even got paid on it, and rightly so. They solved the problem. It’s a little absurd though and I’m sure the client will be more thoughtful next time. Here’s a checklist to quickly find your low hanging options:

  1. Send an email to industry colleagues and employees asking for a referral.

  2. Review past submitted resumes, which you obviously saved, for appropriate keywords.

  3. Follow up with past candidates who accepted offers elsewhere. Are they happy?

  4. Write a realistic job description FOR THAT JOB. Do not hire if they don’t compare well to the description and if they match it you will aggressively pursue them.

  5. THEN Contact Ambassador Search Group to find out how we can help you.

About the author

TJ Kastning is the principal of Ambassador Search Group, a boutique recruiting agency passionate about finding excellent professionals for amazing construction companies.

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Author: TJ Kastning

TJ Kastning is the proud owner of Ambassador Search Group, a special high-touch, trust-based, old-fashioned headhunting firm serving only the best west coast companies.

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